Facing Fears.

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 So, the llamas hired a master spy and asked him to teach Sheila. His name was Bob. Within 30 seconds, he had learnt the way of the field. Then he asked Sheila,”Wwhat is your name? I had been told that it is Barbra.”

“My name is Sheila. You know that you were meant to teach me who to be ‘invisible’?” Sheila replied.

He cringed. “Invisible is not the wword. I will teach you to blend in. It comes naturally to some but for others it takes years. Do not beat yourself up if you find it hhard.”

Sheila became nervous. “I need to learn really fast. I have to be a natural. Else it could be the end of my people.” Sheila thought. It was terrible that about 150 people’s lives were on her shoulders. What could she do? Get through this.

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More of my story…

Again, more.

Immediately, the llamas set to work gathering resources and re-building houses; men and women. The children made new possessions, valuable or not. It didn’t matter. They needed this. The ones too skilled for simple work and too young to build, farmed and cooked. The mass production made them rise high above the sheep. They were both peaceful colonies and did not go to war. Neither had an army. The sheep saw the llamas as a threat to them. So, they raised a call to arms. Paying a horse from the neighboring field, they had an army of archers and fighters in no time. The llamas saw but pretended not to notice. Sheila discovered that she can change her fur color.

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My A-Z of animals, dinosaurs and astronomy things that I can think of.

A = anky

B = bronto

C =carno

D = dodo

E = elephant

F = fox

G = gallimimus

H = hamster 

 I = igthy

J = jellyfish

K = kola

L = llama

M = megalodon

N = narwar

O = oxen

P = phiomia

Q = queen bee

R = rex

S = stego

T = trike

U = Uranus

V = ?

W = woolly mammoth                              

X =?

Y = yuti

Z =?

? = Can you think of one?

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More of my story…

It was the source of their joy. Their freedom. 

Now the llamas were offended that they had been opposed. They strode out with their heads held high. They walked back to their old home mysrebly back to where Bob had fled full of fear. They were made even more miserable when they saw the state of their old and new home. It was a ruin. Some were on fire; and some had been burnt. Some had bits missing and some were intact. Useable. Just. Why did their lives have so many crises? Why was it them that fate decided to bully? What had they done? What had their ancestors done? They had always been a peaceful herd right from the start...

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Why is it so boring?

My life is so boring and repetitive right now. The only thing I have looked forward to these last 4 days (Monday 23rd March – Thursday 26th March) is my fabric coming. My biggest batch of fabric was some blue stuff that mum and I will make into a dungaree dress. I also have 1 metre of a blue cotton with llamas and catuses on, and 1 metre of grey cotton with zoo animals on. I shall make bags out of the cotton and line them with polyester wool so that they are stronger.

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Some more of my story…

 So the llamas got taught a lesson. They were sat down by the sheep and taught about healing so that the llamas would see their point of view. The right way in their minds. The sheep didn’t understand. They had been beaten down by a hand of man and rose up against it. Twice.That was their biggest achievement. Their happiness was based on it. They looked back and smiled on that. 

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Boring, boring, boring…

My life has basically nothing different from yesterday. At least mum has taken herself out of self-isolation in her room. But nothing else. My hair is still blue and my life is still boring. STILL boring. When I say still, I mean still. The only outside the house communication I have is you, my friends on discord ​(a gaming communication app – which I use the voice channel for), my phone, and my website that people post comments on (anyarose.me.uk). It’s mostly spam but I get a few family members posting comments. 

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More of the story…

Since that day, Pickle had thought of a plan to counteract his plan.  She had gone through it so many times it was drilled into her brain. Pickle had found every flaw and fixed; it was perfect. No holes. None. Sprinting back home, Pickle and Sheila put the plan into action.

 2 days later (she had been hiding in Sheila’s home), Pickle showed herself to evil Bob. He was outraged. Furious. Vexed. Bob just wanted to kill Pickle. Meanwhile, Sheila led the llamas to the sheep’s home. Some of the llamas couldn’t walk so the strong carried them; and the elderly were carried. To move as fast as possible. Speed was the key. Again and again they stopped to eat, drink and rest. Eventually, they reached the sheep’s field. They gasped at the wounded and their wounds...

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My story that I wrote and will add more…

Facing Fears.

Llama Sheila softly sang to her two year old sister under the tree they called home in the Crystal ice and dove white snow with wondrous mountains. It was a warm night and the glow of fireflies was the only light. Proud parents watched nearby as Sheila smoothly ended the Scottish song. Sheila snuggled up to her chocolate loving buddy and settled down to read. When Craig and Geraldine heard the louder, low snores of Ann, they crept off with the stealth of a black cat. 

When the sun rose, Sheila rose with it. She ate, dressed and set off for the long hike to school on the tip of the shortest mountain. It was a hard hike but she valued her education so much that she thought that the hike was worth it...

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Today I want to my rabbits’ check up.

I took Arthur and Patsy for a check up at the vets. Obviously Mum came with me. While they had the check up, I sat bored in the small waiting area and waited.


Then we went to the incredibly crowded Morrisons. The rabbits stayed in the car. Once we had done the shopping, we stood in the queue that was so long that, at every checkout, the queue came out of the isles behind them. We stood in the queue for 1/2 an hour.

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