My story that I wrote and will add more…

Facing Fears.

Llama Sheila softly sang to her two year old sister under the tree they called home in the Crystal ice and dove white snow with wondrous mountains. It was a warm night and the glow of fireflies was the only light. Proud parents watched nearby as Sheila smoothly ended the Scottish song. Sheila snuggled up to her chocolate loving buddy and settled down to read. When Craig and Geraldine heard the louder, low snores of Ann, they crept off with the stealth of a black cat. 

When the sun rose, Sheila rose with it. She ate, dressed and set off for the long hike to school on the tip of the shortest mountain. It was a hard hike but she valued her education so much that she thought that the hike was worth it. Although, as Sheila walked, she suffered insults and rotten fruits launched at her. All because she was plain porridge coloured fur, while everyone outside her family had brown. 

One day, Sheila had had enough. She set her mind on persuading people that you don’t judge people from the outside. Sheila asked her family to help her. What did she do next? How did she do it? Sheila asked the llama in charge to gather the llamas so that she could make her speech.

”My fellow llamas, why are you judging me and my family, when we are exactly the same. You don’t judge people from the outside or the looks. You shouldn’t judge people anyway. Please, let it be that we treat each other as the equals we are. With the respect we deserve.”

She spoke in vain. This was her only chance. Some saw her point and were kind to her. Others, however, did not.

So Sheila made another speech.

”Why, why, are you still doing this? I don’t judge people. My family doesn’t judge people. I thought I told you this before. I thought you understood. It hurts me that we llamas can’t treat each other like the equals we are.” 

Then she was treated as an equal without hesitation. She smiled to everyone. And they smiled back. That was all she had ever wanted.

One day, a farmer decided he wanted the land that the llamas lived in for himself. His name was Bob. Bob didn’t care one bit about wildlife. He and his sheep-dog Pickle drove his sheep round the mountains. Once Bob had seen where the sheep were most unhappy, he built their pen there. 

Right under Sheila’s home tree. This was it. And Pickle didn’t agree. 

Pickle and Sheila put their heads together and thought of a plan. Pickle would let the sheep free while Sheila spat repeatedly in Bob’s face. After the sheep were free, Pickle would lead them to safety and make sure they had food, water and were protected. Pickle was happy with the sheep and they were happy with her. So she stayed. Bob was furious that he had lost land 15 times, his 11th flock of sheep, his 5th sheep dog and his 10th sheep pen was no longer in use. He left in a flurry of fury.     

1 year later…

Feisty Bob came back. He whipped the llamas for fun. He was so angry with them after spending a year living on the streets begging to survive that he nearly killed Sheila in her 10th whipping of the day. How did he do this? He put collars on them all and then tied their tight collars to the door handle and whipped them to his heart’s content. Sheila did NOT like it from the start. When she almost died, her family nursed her back to health.

As soon as Sheila was capable, she set off to find Pickle. When Pickle and the sheep were found, Sheila explained what had happened. Pickle had feared this day. When Pickle had been a sheep dog, Bob had made this ‘emergency plan’ and screamed it at Pickle in a fit of anger.


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  • Jenny

    Great story Anya, poor Sheila 🙁

  • Momma

    That’s very good Anya. I’m looking forward to reading some more. Sheila spitting repeatedly in Bob’s face made me laugh out loud 🙂

  • anya



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