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Since that day, Pickle had thought of a plan to counteract his plan.  She had gone through it so many times it was drilled into her brain. Pickle had found every flaw and fixed; it was perfect. No holes. None. Sprinting back home, Pickle and Sheila put the plan into action.

 2 days later (she had been hiding in Sheila’s home), Pickle showed herself to evil Bob. He was outraged. Furious. Vexed. Bob just wanted to kill Pickle. Meanwhile, Sheila led the llamas to the sheep’s home. Some of the llamas couldn’t walk so the strong carried them; and the elderly were carried. To move as fast as possible. Speed was the key. Again and again they stopped to eat, drink and rest. Eventually, they reached the sheep’s field. They gasped at the wounded and their wounds. The sheep had developed extraordinary healing skills and set to work immediately. In no time, the  wounds were closed and the llamas were active. By then, Pickle had been beaten to near death. It was horrific and painful. The llamas came and knocked Bob by jumping on him. Revenge. Sweet revenge. They broke his nose and one of his ribs. His jaw and his arm.


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  • Momma

    You’ve got a vicious streak in you Anya!

    • anya

      I know. 🙂


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