My day with zero gravity.

Tuesday 16th June

I woke up this morning and crashed through the roof. Things were flying all around me. “What the?” I thought.“ What happened over night? Whatever happened, I need to stay calm.” I seized hold of a passing bird and clung on to it for dear life. However, it was life. I would of floated up, up, up into space if that bird didn’t come by. Bumping into objects, people, things and even some houses, the bird soared through the air. I tried to hold on to anyone or any objects I recognised as mine. Time after time I missed. I caught hold of was a person. It was my friend Bella! “ Hi!” I screeched over all the noise. “ H-,” Bella started but she had sweaty hands and I dropped her. “ Nooooooooooooooo!” I shouted. I swatted out trying to catch her hand. Isla came and past on her bird that she had tamed and caught her. “ Your welcome.” She shouted before me or Bella could say thanks. Pickle floated past barking. She’s my dog. I caught her! I did a little victory dance in my head. Thankfully, she had a lead on so I didn’t have to keep hold of her collar. Right at that moment, the bird dropped me and Pickle. Honestly, I didn’t expect the bird to hold me. I don’t know how Isla’s bird could carry Isla and Bella. But then, I noticed that Isla had tamed a flock of birds. “ How the heck?” I thought. “ Does she have 35 tamed pet birds?”

“ Isla! Help please! Over here!” I screamed. Thankfully, she spotted us and she sent over a bird. Without even a wave of the hand. “ Is Isla telekinetic? I’ll have to ask but I doubt she’d answer me correctly if she was.” I thought. The bird carrying me started to droop as the weight of me and Pickle. Isla sent over another bird with her brain. It flew under Pickle and she flopped down onto its back. I still kept hold of Pickle’s lead though. We soared through the air and we had a chat. We all said our opinions of why the gravity is gone. I said that I thought the gravity is gone because of the rainforests burning, the dying animals (not just the ones in the rainforests), the pollution and global warming. Isla said that she thought the gravity is gone as it is God’s will. And Bella wasn’t sure. Pickle barked in agreement at Isla’s explanation. Although, Pickle probably meant the doggy gods.

At last, after taking turns of leading the bird and sleeping, when the sun had set, while it was Bella’s turn at sleeping, me and Isla started pointing out constellations and star gazing. It was a clear night and it was really quite beautiful. And then the gravity came crashing back. It wasn’t fun. All the things smashed down. Even the bird faltered.

The End.


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