Facing Fears… again

Who is he to complain? He didn’t just risk his life for a few maps and a look at a few small ‘battalions’.” Sheila thought. “Both of them, in fact. It wasn’t either of them. It was me. I am the amazingly beautiful one; the one so glamorous and gorgeous…” her thought trailed off there. Why was she being arrogant, self-absorbed, and worst of all rude. “Why why why? What was it that had made her… like that. It was just so bad, so terrible, and so rude. So what had made her like that? Sheila knew that nobody was perfect and she always tried to be the best that she could. “Best just to keep it to myself and forget about it. There are more important things to worry about. War or at least a battle is going to happen. We need a force of our own.” she thought. Sheila tried to distract herself with even more worrying thoughts. 

“Leader, I recommend that at least 5 lamas study battle tactics. Oh, and if 1 of those could be me, I would very much appreciate that. They have always interested me.” She said instead.

“Why?” asked ll.

“Because we are going to need an army of our own. They-who-must-not-be-named have trash generals and advisers, so if we not-trash ones, then we will have an advantage.”

“Good, good.” said ll, thoughtful.


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