Facing Fears

Bored yet?

“That is what I thought,”Craige said, as he walked by.

“Can you find 4 others for tactics and every other willing llama will start to train for battle, female and male?” asked ll.

“I would be honored to,”said Sheila. “I will get to it right away.”

“Thank you. I will find people to hire that can teach you in battle tactics and combat.” replied ll and trotted off.

Sheila yanked up memories of llamas being interested in battle, not because of glory and fame, but because of the hidden beauty of it, the complexity. The stuff behind it. “Jeff… Isla and Barbra, hmmmm… and Bella.” Sheila thought.”I’ll go find them.” So, off she went to go find them. When she did, they were excited.

It was the next day when Sheila, Jeff, Isla, Bella and Barbra went to see if the battle tactics person had arrived. She had.  So ASAP, they set to work. 

“First, you need to look at the terrain of the battle field.” the cow said. Her name was Mary. She swished her tail a lot and always had a pipe between her teeth.


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