The Alchemist.

Number 2. The last.

She was staring at herself in wonder. Beatrice wore a tight shirt with a yellow jacket and straight black trousers. Her brown hair had been swept up into a ponytail and it curled slightly so it appeared wavy.

Maisie was tapping her on the shoulder and someone was knocking on the door. “Time to leave now. You are going to see the King.” So, off Beatrice went to go the King. To see the King, and her dream could come true. Beatrice opened the door and stopped short when she saw the King standing outside her door. She whirled round to find Masie had disappeared. “You seem surprised.” the King said from behind her. The tone was hinted with amusement. 

She turned to face a man with warm, brown eyes and an expression that found the best in somebody.  Everybody. He was a short man but was not weak. “You are the King. I thought that I would come to you.” Beatrice said.

“Yes, that is what everybody expects to happen. I enjoy seeing the surprise on their faces.” he said. “What is it that you wanted to talk about?”

“I would like a place in the castle’s kitchen staff.” Beatrice said. “I can cook anything that you want me to, just don’t expect it to look nice; tasty but ugly. Well, not pretty and perfect.”

“Okay.” said the King. “Make me a meal that includes a starter, a main, a side and a dessert. If I approve of all, then your wish shall be granted. If not, you may re-apply in 5 years. During that time you should have perfected what is wrong. If you get the place then you will go on a 6 month cause that will perfect your decorating skills. Follow me to the test room.”

“Thank you. Your offer is generous.” Beatrice said.

“Well, we are short on kitchen staff anyway, so it’s not like we’re giving away a rare spot.” said he with a wave of the hand.

The King led Beatrice to a small room just off the hallway. There was another door. “Where does that lead to?” Beatrice asked, pointing at the door.

“This is the dining room, where you will serve me. In there is the kitchen. Oh, and I expect a drink while I am waiting for the meal to be cooked.” the King answered

“Ok. What drink do you want?” 

“You will find some herbs in the kitchen. Tea is what I want.” he said.

“The first thing that I do will be to put the kettle on.” Beatrice answered, smiling. She slipped through the door. True to her word, Beatrice put the kettle on. She did find herbs and a teacup; there was a teapot too. Herbs went in, then boiling water, and then the lid on top. In one hand the teacup went, and in the teapot was in the other. She set them out on the table then poured a mug.Beatrice turned around and went back into the kitchen. Her meal was going to be simple but tasty. 

For the starter would be soup, roasted then blended vegetables. For the main would be a lasagna with spinach with the layers of white sauce. The side would be a few garlic and herb potatoes. The dessert would be chocolate orange brownies. So she set to work chopping and peeling, roasting and cooking. The soup was the first to be made. Beatrice set knives chopping, peelers peeling and ovens heating. Next, was the many things needed to put together a lasagna. Then, potatoes. She could cook the lasagna and potatoes in the oven while the King was eating the soup. Then while the main and starter were being eaten then the brownies can be mixed and baked. Right. A plan. Good. That was what she did. 

The King liked and approved Beatrice’s meal and she got the job. She went on the course for decorating and became the head chef within 2 years of service. The record was 5 years of service. When the King died, Beatrice served the new Queen and served until the very day Beatrice died.

The End.


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