Facing Fears.

Somewhere near the end. If there will be.

The stupid cow pooped so much whenever (and wherever) she liked, that they had to stand outside with under a canopay with a fire in each corner and a table in the middle. They would have used one of the buildings, but Mary pooped so much. “Ok, if there was a hill, then you would want to place your army on the top of it.” said Mary. 

“Yep. That is the 5th time that you’ve said it.” Bella muttered. Sheila kicked her friend hard in the side and she grunted. 

So, one and on they ‘learnt’, until one day when ll came to watch. He realised that Mary did not know anything about it. Mary the cow, who pooped and constantly smocked, got fired for being a spy for the sheep. And she was. Then he hired a pig, who was clean and namedJane, and she knew stuff.

After she had finished her day’s lessons, Sheila recruited soldiers, blacksmiths, leatherworkers and squires. She barely had time to eat, let alone sleep. When Sheila was given time to sleep, worries troubled her dreams that the sheep would attack, or that she and the other ‘Generals-in-training’ or ll would be assassinated.

And Jeffery was. It was an act of war. So the llamas hired an assassin that was a rabbit.  The lead sheep was poisoned and then the ‘Generals’’ throats were slit. The sheep, men and women, trained and untrained, attacked at DAWN. But they made a mistake. The sheep had moved so that if they attacked at DUSK then the sun would not be in their eyes.


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